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AccuRIP Ruby EP drives the entire film output process (halftones and/or solids) not achievable without a RIP.

Activate the All Black Ink feature and use with Freehand Dmax Ink to transform your printer into a dedicated and efficient film printer.

AccuRIP Ruby EP users should purchase a Freehand refillable solution and Dmax Ink. Use Dmax Ink also when a refillable solution is not available for your particular model.

AccuRIP Ruby EP™ is engineered for 57 supported Epson printers (NOT the P800). Ruby EP replaces the previous Black Pearl version.

How to use

Freehand™ invented the ability to print from all (or any combo) of ink tanks then formulated Dmax™ black dye to achieve the best UV light blocking results. Exposing screens properly and easily every time. The All Black Ink™ Licensed Feature is included in AccuRIP™ Ruby for a full year.

  • Easy and effective controls to achieve UV light blocking films for top-quality screen exposure
  • Natural Corel and Adobe workflows to produce dense black film separations (solid areas, tints and gradients/blends) from full color images
  • Dense and sharp-edged solid separations you can count on
  • Quality halftone production – AccuRIP™ delivers what the Epson and Canon printer driver don’t have the ability to do
  • Full control over halftone shape and frequency size
  • Exclusive Droplet Weight control to quickly dial in perfect film results in one print


  • Built-in Nozzle Check and Head Cleaning feature
  • Auto Schedule unattended maintenance
  • Enhanced Accuracy continuously calibrates the print head during printing
  • All Black Ink™ controls ink configurations
  • Droplet Weight Density Test Print feature
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Watch Dog automatic printer driver updater
  • Compact User Interface uses less screen real estate
  • Memory Minder prevents system memory overload
  • Mac Catalina and Windows 10 compatible
  • Improved file processing
  • WiFi strong auto detects printer IP address
  • Ethernet and USB ready
  • Printer Driver Sharing allows multiple computers to print through AccuRIP™

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