Introducing our new sister!

We thought you might like to know that we have created a new sister website focusing on DTF.  Please see details and links below:

 At DTFSHOP we are striving to bring a higher standard to the DTF Printing sector within the UK and to be able fulfil the lack of professionalism and reliability to the market.

Although we may not be the biggest supplier in the DTF industry, or even been around the longest we have over 35 years experience within the Screen Printing Industry supplying superior service and supplies.

Our range of consumables including Inks, Films and adhesive powders have or are being OEKO-TEX accredited and our range of machinery meets UKCA and CE approval.

With the commitment we made we are continuing to expand our range of machinery and products as the DTF market place evolves, our goal is to provide reliability, customer support and trust for our customers.

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