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Introducing an inexpensive, durable Dip Tank system from CCI Inc. These screen printing Dip Tanks are a 1 piece moulded design and are purpose made for the process of screen reclaiming.

The design of them is perfect for saving you time and money without the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, their hazards and toxicity. This dip tank will make your screen fabric look like new again with ease.

Constructed from 100% recycled Polyethylene material which is chemical resistant and guaranteed leak proof.

This kit includes 1 Dip Tank, drain plug, drip tray and lid for the dip tank.

How to use

This dip tank can be used in a few easy steps, as shown below...

  • Install a drain plug into the bottom of the dip tank and stand tank on top of drip tray
  • Fill tank with cool water to the fill level (120mm from top lid)
  • Add 4 USG of Dip N Strip concentrate to the water and mix thoroughly before use
  • Remove any tape and card off excess ink (you can use our Ultimate Clean Up Cards here)
  • Place up to 6 screens inside the dip rank, pull across the screen hold down bar
  • Allow screens to soak for 1-5 minutes and then remove from the tank
  • Allow to dip for a short while (do not let the screens dry)
  • Rinse off as usual from both sides of the screen
  • Give the screens a final wash with a high pressure water gun


  • 6 screen capacity (max size 25" x 36").
  • Drip tray and lid included.
  • Integrated screen hold down bar.
  • 9mm Polyethylene construction.
  • On/Off drain tap included.
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled material.
  • Minimal space required.
  • Increases production and reduces chemical usage.
  • Overall dimensions: 36" x 16" x 24 1/4".
  • Including MHM screen frames.
  • Includes screen hold down bar.

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