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D-Flo is a fluorescent discharge ink which is suitable for any fabrics that are 100% dischargeable, producing an extremely soft hand.

D-Flo has bright fluorescent colours in black light settings which give exceptional fluorescent colours and can the product itself can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects.

The rheology and flow characteristics of D-Flo allow for it to be printed with high mesh counts, this produces a very fine image detail and a softer finish for your product.

D-Flo is available only in a finished ink and not as a pigment.

Want to try this and the other colours in the D-Flo range yourself to see how amazing these inks are? Purchase the D-Flo starter kit available from us to get the full range to try in your screen printing workshop.  (Activator sold separately)

How to use

How much squeegee pressure to use is dependent on mesh/fabric count (usually you will want to use heavy pressure).

Print wet on wet, no flash curing, or print flash print for more opacity.

During long runs it is helpful to mist the screens occasionally that are on press with water.

Cure the printed fabric for a minimum of 90secs at 160c, ideally 2-3mins at 171-176c

We recommend high volume forced air during curing.

Do not allow the print to dry before curing in an oven; the more moisture available the better discharge result. 

The degree of colour/wash fastness is dependent on proper curing and hence is highly important.

Heat curing must be complete in order to assure the fabric does not retain the odour, re-cure if necessary.

Add retarder, up to 5% to prevent drying in the screens and provide more open time of the wet ink.


  • Fluorescent discharge ink
  • Suitable for any fabrics that are fully dischargeable
  • Produces extremely soft hand
  • Can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects

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