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All Black Ink™ Cartridges work hand-in-hand with the All Black Ink™ Software Feature included within AccuRIP™. 

The software Feature controls printing from all or any combination of slots, and Freehand’s custom formulated black dye Dmax™ delivers the best film results.

Screen printers don’t need colour ink, they just need volume of quality black Dmax™ dye ink for the best film and screen exposure results. 

Films must block UV light and Freehand’s  Dmax™ delivers the highest density required.

If your printer model is not listed, purchase Dmax Dye Ink™ bottles to use with bulk systems for your printer model.

How to use

First Time Installation:

  1. Snap in one tank into each FRAME.
  2. The frames are colour coded for the correct slots.
  3. Insert each completed cartridge into its proper coloured slot.
  4. AccuRIP Software controls the ability to use all slots. Launch AccuRIP and where the Multi-black feature is listed, click the feature ON.


The resetter tool is NOT used for any installation or replacement, it is ONLY used when a cartridge does not response upon initial installation.

Cartridge chips very rarely fail during normal operation, I red light would indicate a cartridge is out of ink, You can determine if the ink is low or at the reserve line by removing the cartridge from the printer and removing from its frame. Stand the cartridge up on its side with the hole where the ink is dispensed is facing UP, wait for about 5 minutes for any ink to settle. You can then see through the clear window, there is a reserve ink amount (not useable for printing only for the delivery process), replace the cartridge tanks that are at or below the reserve line.

Every time that the resetter is used the counter on the chip is reset, therefore do not reset the cartridge unless it has failed. Resetting a cartridge that is almost empty of ink will tell the printer that it is 100% full, where in fact is not.


All chips need to be clean of grease and dirt in order for the to read correctly,if a chip does not set (read) use rubbing alcohol ONLY and use a cotton bud to clean dirt or grime away


Formulated unblocking aid are available for print heads. They are designed to loosen up the dried ink that is interfering with the spraying of ink during printing.


You use a Starter Kit (6 frames, 6 tanks, resetter) upon initial use of an All Black Ink system. All subsequent purchases will be the tank sets only.



  • Is a full set of cartridges with Freehands formulated black dye ink.
  • Works in conjunction with AccuRIP'S multi black feature.
  • Transforms a colour printer into a dedicated film output device.
  • Uses a UV light blocking custom ink formulation.
  • Delivers highest density (D-MAX).
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Very flexible.... with turn on/off slot combinations.
  • Helps prevent blockages from idle slots (unused colours).

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