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Everything you need in a single Direct to Film (DTF) software package. With an unmatched feature set, no other DTF print software includes the combination of file preparation, colour management and production automation tools that Digital Factory Direct To Film Edition provides.


Single Pass Underbase and Highlight White

If you’re familiar with the incredibly popular direct to film process, then you know it can be hard (or rather, impossible) to boost whites in a single pass with a roll fed machine. Fiery’s new patent-pending single pass highlight white underbase feature allows for boosted whites, giving you the whitest whites and most vibrant colors possible, all in one pass!

Variable Data Wizard

Quickly and easily create and replace images, text, or serialization in a design, without all the hassle! 

Advanced Halftone Controls

Want a softer feeling print without compromising your image? Advance halftone controls allow for finer, more customizable control over your halftone settings.   

Print Labels

Track jobs from design to production with the print labels feature. This feature streamlines production and reduces operator error no matter the size of your production environment. 

The largest number of printers supported

Including most widely used Epson® printers as well as many high performance purpose-built printers offered by many Direct to Film resellers.

Printer Compatibility

Design and automation tools you'll use on a daily basis

Dozens of valuable, time-saving features including knock-out tools for automatic black, white or colour removal from designs, auto nesting of jobs, barcode support, roll-mode support without the need for additional hardware or software and much more.

Robust rasterization interface

Applying “ink gaps” within a design has never been easier or more visually pleasing. Transparency based application of rasters provides flexibility to place gaps over the entire image or only on select areas.

Work with virtually any common file format

Industrial strength .pdf support. Also supports: PNG, SVG, JPG, AI, EPS, BMP, TIF

Unique white ink handling

White ink generation is automatically handled based on transparency within the design providing amazing results. No complicated file preparation to specify white ink layers in third party design applications.

Professionally created colour profiles and print modes

Custom created colour profiles supporting the most widely used ink, media and powder suppliers.

Create a DTG print effect with 'no raster' print modes

Specialised printmodes without rasters included for select printers are able to simulate a DTG look and feel using DTF technology.

Simple colour correction tools

A wide assortment of colour correction tools provide the ability to modify existing colour profiles to handle changes in ink, media or powder suppliers as required.

Optional Extras

Add-on drivers ports (A2 and Larger)  £150

Fluidmask Module £125

Automatic Job Sorter Module £225

Technical Support - Single Incident £50

Technical Support - 12 months (unlimited) £200

USB Key Replacement £100

USB Key Replacement during upgrade (if required) £50


Free Trial

Data Sheet (PDF)

Printer Compatibility

Compatible With
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
System Requirements
  • CPU Intel i5-i7 2.6-3.0GHz
  • Storage 500gb SSD (recommended) or HDD
  • RAM 8-12gb

See the CADlink youtube channel for more videos

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