Grunig G-Wash 125 XL-Washing System



The G-WASH 125 automates the existing wet zone for the developing, de-greasing and de-coating of large-size screens.


  • For maximum screen format 4000 x 10000 mm / 157 x 394 inch
  • Open system especially designed for large-size formats
  • Accessible trough made of stainless steel V2A
  • Modular extension possible for the following processes: Developing, degreasing, decoating
  • Water pressure 10 bar, 30 bar (option P2) and 70 bar (option P3)
  • Oscillating nozzles guarantee a gentle developing
  • Special V2A nozzles with service cover, designed for ease of maintenance
  • Option: Waste water treatment system Recyclean

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