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HardenX is a one part chemical hardener designed to increase the water resistance of photo-emulsions.

HardenX increases the print durability and reduces premature stencil breakdown.

With some emulsions, HardenX may produce a waterproof stencil that is difficult to reclaim.

It is excellent for high humidity conditions.

How to use

Prior to applying the HardenX please make sure the emulsion has been correctly exposed, washed out and dried.

  • Apply a generous amount of HardenX to both sides of a dry screen with a brush, sponge, pad or rag.
  • Allow HardenX to evaporate fully and dry on the screen.
  • Do not force dry HardenX with fans.For best results, allow the screen to dry naturally and cure for 24 hours.

*Higher water-resistance can be achieved by drying (curing) the HardenX at a higher temperature.(Do not exceed 60 Degrees Celsius)


  • The use of HardenX will make the emulsion harder to reclaim.
  • A stronger reclaiming solution may be required to aide reclaim.
  • Ultra-DX will break the chemical bond and make the process much easier.


  • Easy to use.
  • High contrast - pink colour
  • Dramatically increase water resistance.
  • Ideal for water base and discharge printing inks.
  • Non Flammable.
  • Water Based.
  • Low odour.
  • No VOC content.
  • Mesh safe.
  • Biodegradable/Drain safe.

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