IPF670 Refillable Inkjet Cartridge 250ml (single)

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Cartridge Colour: 107-Black
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Compatible with Canon PFI-107 

Use these refillable ink cartridges to make large savings on ink.  They come with a 130ml chip, ready to fill and install.

When the chip expires there are 2 options:

  1.  Fit a new chip (which takes 30 seconds) .
  2.  Disable chip detection on the printer as explained in your Canon user manual.  

Please contact us if you're unsure of anything, we're happy to help.

How to use

Easy installation, remove the flip cover over the cartridge slot and fit the cartridge.

The compartment cover will then sit on top of the larger cartridges.

Included is a clip to keep the cover microswitch tripped to avoid error.


  • Easy installation
  • Huge savings on ink cost
  • Pre-equipped with 130ml chip

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