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In response to the needs of the global market, KTK created the KTK CLOUD, a flock station built with 2 sizes, 65 x 45 and 85 x 65, completely compatible with automatic screen-printing machines.

Known as a method that traditionally originated enormous amounts of waste, as usually all area around the flock machines would turn into the same color of the flock being used, automatic flocking had to be rethought in order to fit the needs of the modern screen-printer. This is how the KTK CLOUD was born!

Using static electricity to apply flock, the KTK CLOUD is exceptionally effective inside the “special effects” category of the screen-printing world. Special effects are used, not only as a way of increasing the value of a piece drastically, but also to give a different feeling, touch and look to the finished product. Inside this category, the printer can also find, among others, the glitter, the foil and the 3D.

Through the flocking process, the appearance, touch and aesthetics of the garment are enhanced, therefore increasing its value. This application of finely cut natural (or synthetic) fibers to an adhesive coated textile surface is highly popular all over the world, being a constant request by some of the most demanding clients.

This process involves the application of a high-voltage electric field, where the flock is given the negative charge while the garment is earthed. Naturally, this causes the vertical fall of the flock material onto the garment, attaching itself to the glued surface. This process makes the flock application a super effective and clean process. We can now say that the color contamination with flock fibers is something from the past!

Due to the easy implementation of this exceptional flocking unit in any KTK screen-printing machine, these days, the modern screen-printer can look at the KTK CLOUD as just another screen in the printing process. From our own experience, we have seen the KTK CLOUD be applied more than once on a single machine, allowing the printer to flock more than one color on the same design, without any difficulty.

Like any other KTK peripheral, the KTK CLOUD can also be controlled on the main console, meaning it does not need an operator to manually work with it, saving the labor cost. The only thing the machine operator must never forget is to not run out of flock.


  • Adds flocking capability to all KTK automatic screen-printing machines
  • Closed system leading to minimum color contamination
  • 2 different sizes for more versatility (65cm x 45cm, 85cm x 65cm)
  • 80kw electrostatic generator
  • Machine controls for any parameter: distance between frame and pallet, speed regulation of the brushes, the ascent/descent rate of the box and height regulation of the flocking machine
  • Screen micro-registration system with Vernier scale
  • Maximum production of around 600 pieces per hour
  • Ability of being controlled through the main console


  • Compatibility with KTK SWEEP

KTK Cloud Machine Specification

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