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The KTK Dragon, arrived to the market to answer the needs of the modern screen-printer. With a voltage that ranges from 9kW to 25,5kW, and a drying area that ranges from 400mm x 400mm to 1200mm x 850mm, the KTK DRAGON can always guarantee a reliable flash-curing.

Its medium wave infra-red lights are of low consumption and allow for a more efficient flash-curing. Furthermore, its intelligent processor turns off the whole unit, when the machine is not in use, therefore contributing to give the KTK DRAGON a longer lifetime than its competitors.

The dimensions of the KTK Dragon make the placement of this flash curing unit under a printing-head possible, when on a high-lifting position. Also, its drying head can rotate 90º, making it possible to work in various different angles and with a versatility that can be applied to any printing job.

On its LED screen and user-friendly control panel, the printer can set up the drying time, temperature or even a smaller drying area. The printer can work both manually or automatically, with the KTK DRAGON. Its compatibility with all the KTK machines, makes the setup of the KTK DRAGON be even more simple, as in terms of software, the KTK machines allow that several units are connected sequentially, in order to avoid peaks of consumption.


  • Medium wave infra-red lights
  • 90º rotation system on the drying head
  • Adjustable height on the KTK DRAGON’s extensible arm
  • User-friendly control panel with digital screen
  • Independent rotating wheels on the base of the flash-cure for easier maneuverings
  • Ability of fitting under a printing-head (on the high-lift position)
  • Intelligent Standby system for lower power consumption after a long machine STOP time.


  • Infrared non-contact temperature probe (optional)
  • Compatibility with other machine brands (if requested)
  • 4 wheels base (optional)


KTK Dragon Machine Specification

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