KTK Etna Tunnel Dryer



When it comes to finishing off the screen-printing process, it is important to have a reliable and powerful tunnel dryer. The KTK ETNA is that and much more.

Thought to be adapted to every screen-printing company and to be a true complement to any screen-printing machine, no matter the type of inks used, the KTK ETNA is available in 5 different options of drying length, ranging from 3 to 9 meters, and with 2 options of belt width, going from 1.5m to 1.8m. It is also important to underline that it is able of holding the maximum temperature of 200ºC.

On the one hand, the KTK ETNA is never seen as a problem, but always a solution, as with its stability, reliability and modern design, all factors are taken into account during the production process, therefore contributing to the good reputation this remarkable tunnel dryer has been building.

On the other hand, it can also be seen as a powerful platform for the day-to-day work of the screen printer, as it is able of storing all data regarding temperature information and drying time for a year. With this feature, the KTK ETNA proves itself as a reliable option to give detailed information to the client regarding the drying process, if anything goes wrong with the printing.

The KTK ETNA works with electricity or gas, depending on the printer’s preference. With its heat exchanger, our gas option is designed in a way that the burnt gases are never in direct contact with the fabrics, preventing any yellowing of the garments.

Our tunnel dryers can be built with any need a printer may have in mind. The input or output stringer’s length, the width or length of the tunnel dryer, or even the belt(s) width and length, can be tailor made to the printer’s needs. The KTK ETNA can also be built with a double belt, able of running in the same direction or in opposite ways, with different velocities. With this vast array of options, we can really say that everything on this tunnel dryer is customizable!


  • High density rockwool panels, allowing for a reliable thermal insulation
  • Axial flow fan for an even and constant hot-air circulation
  • Air purifying filter equipped for the burner
  • Antistatic and resistant fiber glass conveyor belt, with high tensile strength PTFE coated advanced fabrics
  • External central exhaustion system
  • Polychromatic touch screen control pannel with temperature and drying time display
  • Yearly production control registration, with a possibility of external use
  • Maximum temperature: 200ºC
  • Option of 2 conveyor belts with independent speed and direction
  • Different infeed / outfeed stringer’s length(optional)
  • GP (optional)
  • Powered by gas, electricity or both (optional)
  • Stringers with no support, for easier movement of the printer technician, integrated into the tunnel dryer


  • Option of 2 conveyor belts with independent speed and direction (optional)
  • Different infeed /outfeed stringer’s length (optional)
  • Powered by gas, electricity or both (optional)
  • Additional laser arm

KTK Etna Tunnel Dryer Machine Specification

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