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The KTK EXPERT PLUS is the round machine of excellence at KTK, incorporating state of the art technologies and all the best features a screen-printing technician can ask for. With a minimum of 10 pallets and a maximum of 20 pallets, our KTK EXPERT PLUS machines are available with a minimum of 4 printing heads and a maximum of 18 printing heads. The printing area ranges from 550mm x 500mm to 1000mm x 850mm (40’’ x 33’’).

Considered by many as the best, safest and most reliable machine in the market, the KTK EXPERT PLUS machine is the perfect solution for the day-to-day work of every screen printer. Capable of outputting a maximum of 1400 pieces per hour, this automatic screen-printing machine can really be considered, inside this industry, as a true warrior.

The 3 KTK patents incorporated into this machine, contribute to rank the KTK EXPERT PLUS as one of the most durable machines in the market. This happens because the KTK EXPERT PLUS uses materials and techniques found in the fields of construction machinery and aeronautics, after years of research and experimentation.

A feature of the KTK EXPERT PLUS that will make printing with water-based inks especially easy is the independent printing head elevation. With this feature the printer can manage the time that the screens are in contact with the hot pallets, and being less time in contact means there will be less evaporation of the inks and less blocking of the screens, therefore there will be less stops during the printing of the order, leading to more earnings for the screen-printing company.

Another feature the printer usually appreciates is the automatic cleaning position. This feature makes the job of cleaning a frame easier, as the angle the frame achieves makes it possible to clean it without any major efforts. All the printer needs to do is to press a button and the printing head will automatically jump to this cleaning position.

Let’s not forget the capacity of moving a pallet to a desired position, on the machine, with the simple use of a button on each printing head’s user-friendly control panel. This easiness of moving the position of a pallet is something that will make the registration of a job always seem like a piece of cake.

The KTK EXPERT PLUS is built with all the best components and materials, as our biggest focus, as a partner of our clients, is to deliver a top-quality machine that will last through time and will require the least maintenance. We, at KTK, believe that our Expert Plus machines must be practical and we want to see the printer happy to use them every day, even on jobs that for him/her seemed to be more difficult.

For our team, the printer must think the least amount of time about setting up jobs, cleaning the screens or dealing with the maintenance of the machine. Having this line of thought in mind, the KTK EXPERT PLUS is designed by a highly experienced team that never forgets speed and quality as being equally important as durability and precision.

Something we believe is very important when acquiring a new machine is its technical support, and that is something KTK is proud of offering worldwide, through our agents or through our team of engineers, always ready to give a solution to any issue that might arise. During the engineering of this screen-printing machine all factors are taken into account, therefore making the solving of any of these situations an easy task. Also, KTK is not redesigning the wheel, meaning we strive to use the most international standard (ISO) parts we can, so the printer can find solutions locally, anywhere in the World, in case it becomes necessary. Simply, we want to make the printer’s life easier.

Get an KTK EXPERT PLUS for your company and be one step ahead!


  • Automatic Printing-head lifting system for easier cleaning of the frames
  • Independent lifting working printing heads
  • 3 patents implemented into the machine
  • Aluminum pallets with honeycomb structure
  • Machine rotation with AC servomotor
  • Squeegees’ movement with AC Inverter
  • Connections for power and command of the peripherals incorporated in the machine
  • KTK Software for full control of the machine
  • Polychromatic touch screen as the main control panel
  • Machine control software compatible with mobile devices (Android or iOS)
  • Individual control panel on each printing head, for controlling the print and flood speed, height, angle of the squeegees and stroke length
  • Laser supporting arm with 4 dot-line lasers, for a more reliable registration
  • U shaped screen clamping system (or other, if requested by the client)
  • Screen registration system with Vernier scale and digital display
  • Ability of setting up flash-cure units under the printing heads
  • ISO (international standard) parts


  • Vacuum Version, with Suction Pallets
  • Additional laser arm
  • More Power and Control Connections for peripherals (ex.: KTK DRAGON)
  • Flash-Cure units model KTK DRAGON
  • Compatible with KTK CLOUD
  • Skip Function
  • App for machine control and production overview compatible with Android and iOS software
  • 4 cylinders on the squeegee’s car

KTK Expert Plus Machine Specification

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