KTK Fusion Max



The KTK Fusion Max is the perfect model to meet the most demanding digital printing needs a modern screen-printer might have.

Besides offering extremely reliable and cost-effective printing, the KTK Fusion Max is made in proven KTK quality. This digital printing module, in addition to working in perfect sync with an automatic screen-printing machine, it offers the ability of printing a considerable area, 900mm x 900mm, and it easily adapts to any type of textile surface. Since it has a Z-axis, that can be adjusted to be up to 25mm away from the garment, it is possible to adapt the KTK Fusion Max to the thickness of the most varied textile printing surfaces.

The KTK Fusion Max, is not only able to achieve the definition and bright colors of a digital printing machine, but it can also reach a level of productivity similar to the one of an automatic screen-printing machine.

This digital printing module prints up to 6 colors, which combined can result in an infinite array of possibilities. The colors being employed are CMYK + 2 colors (red and green), which allows a large homogeneous printing area, in terms of hue, for each available color.

Being equipped with 24 printing heads, the KTK Fusion Max makes it possible to print faster, as it needs less passages to achieve the best results, therefore giving the possibility of almost doubling the production rate of its experienced brother, the KTK Fusion Plus.

A feature that should be highlighted in the KTK Fusion Max is the fact that the printing-heads are Fujifilm Dimatix model, which allows them to be easily repairable. This is an extremely important factor at an industrial context. This feature, together with the possibility of ink recirculation, extends the life-span of this digital module’s printing-heads.

To complement this digital printing module, KTK created its own line of digital inks and uses the RIP software “Neostampa powered by enèdit” and “PhotoPrint powered by SAi, in order to help the user achieve the highest level of performance and the best possible results.

Combining the KTK Fusion Max with an automatic screen-printing machine allows the user to achieve a design with truly impressive precision and color homogeneity. With the possibility of combining digital printing and conventional screen printing, with a wide range of special stamping effects, namely glitter, foil, flake, 3D, etc., the number of possibilities becomes almost infinite.


  • Perfect synchrony with an automatic screen-printing machine
  • CMYK or CMYK + 2 colors; – 24 printing heads
  • Maximum resolution 635 x 2400 DPI
  • Maximum printing area 900mm x 900mm
  • Z axis adjustable to the height of the textile surface to be printed
  • Pigmented ink; – High-definition printing; – User-friendly
  • Printing head with Internal circulation system

KTK Fusion Max Machine Specification

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