M&R MSP 3140 Metal halide Exposure unit


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EX DEMO M&R MSP 3140 Metal halide Exposure unit.

The MSP 3140 features a Metal-Halide UV lamp for rapid exposure of frames with a maximum size of 31" x 40" (79cm x 102cm).

The MSP 3140 has an onboard vacuum unit to ensure rapid drawdown to achieve perfect contact between the screen mesh and the glass. The multi spectrum 1200 watt lamp ensures fast exposure, along with the ability to retain fine lines and small dots that will perfect stencils of the highest quality.

These units can be located in close proximity of unexposed screens due to the self contained construction, also there is an electrical interlock that prevents starting the lamp whilst blanket frame is in the open position.

This unit is in as new condition and fully warrantied.

The photos listed are stock images, and not that of the actual unit.

If you need help or would like discuss this item please get in touch with us on 03300 553640.

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