Pallet Masking Tape

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This self adhesive, heat resistant pallet masking tape is a must for extending the life of your printing pallets as well as reducing the time taken to clean them.

Just pre-cover your screen printing pallets with one or more layer of this smooth protective tape and simply remove and dispose of when the surface is built up with residue.

No more expensive solvent is needed, no mess is created, and more importantly you are able to extend the life of the printing surfaces you have.

There is a great deal of advantages to this pallet masking tape, they include...

  • The fact that the tape itself is compatible with both solvents and water based adhesives
  • The adhesive used on this tape is heat resistant and compatible with flash curing
  • It is very easy to apply and remove this tape from your screen printing screens
  • Smooths out very easily and protects your printing surface
  • Ensures easy clean ups without the solvents that you might otherwise had to use
  • Designed by screen printers for screen printer

How to use

Unroll tape until it is longer than the press, then place lightly on the platen plate.

Enough to hold in place but still loose enough to remove easily.

When in place use a scalpel or sharp knife to cut between the press and roll (Leaving a bit extra on each side).

Smooth out the paper so its flush with the platen, removing all the bubbles and wrinkles and wrap around the sides of the plate.

When you have finished printing simply slowly peel off to minimize mess.


  • Self Adhesive
  • Heat Resistant and compatible with flash curing
  • Extends the life of printing pallets and reduces cleaning time
  • Compatible with both solvents and water based adhesives
  • Designed by screen printers for screen printers!
  • Roll length 91.4. metres.

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