Spyder II Direct to Screen System

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The Spyder II Computer to screen system simplifies the screen making process by generating high-resolution stencil images directly on to coated screens without the use of traditional film and with no need for the vacuum hold down or glass on the exposure unit.

This high-resolution device can output a typical T-Shirt size screen image in less than a minute, for extremely fast throughput. Perfect for the busy screen room, or any screen printer that is looking to eliminate film, reduce labor, speed up job turnaround, and improve print quality.

SPYDER II uses heated wax ink with a robust, phase change inkjet head technology, to place a high-density image directly onto a coated screen. SPYDER II 30 supports standard frames up to 30” x 40”, while the larger SPYDER II 52 supports frame sizes up to 56” x 50”.

Eliminate the error prone, manual positioning of color separations, and confidently know the job will be right when put on press.


  • Eliminates film
  • Bi-Directional printing
  • Robust phase-change ink-jet head technology
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Prints up to 1200 dpi, allowing up to 110dpi halftone frequencies
  • Precision placement
  • Images screens at over 2 sq ft per minute for ultra fast throughput
  • Reduced exposure times
  • Faster press setup
  • RIP Software options include Exile Screenmaker for Windows or Harlequin RIP for Mac OSX or Windows, both of which provide fast and reliable output.
  • Also accepts 1-bit tiff files from any other RIP to easily fit into an existing pre-press workflow

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