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T-CHARGE is a bright, Ready-For-Use, discharge ink. It can be used straight from the container as a water-base ink or add D-Powder to discharge. The colors can be mixed together to match a wide range of shades according to CCI’s Color Matching System. T-CHARGE can be used in conjunction with other ink systems to produce multiple effects. T-CHARGE’s rheology and flow characteristics allow it to be printed with high mesh counts. This produces very fine image detail and a softer finish.

How to use

When using water based inks, a water resistant emulsion must be used. This water resistant emulsion will prevent any premature stencil breakdown during the printing process. We also recommend post hardening for all stencils used on long print runs.

Simply mix 90% base with 10% pigment loads or mix colours in accordance with our CMS mixing software. In extreme conditions of our WB Retarder can be added up to 5% to thin and slow down the air drying process of the ink.

Application: Print wet-on-wet without flash curing. Misting the on-press screens occasionally with water during long print runs is helpful. Degree of color/wash fastness is dependent on proper curing.

Mesh: 62T/cm to 120T/cm. The mesh count selected will determine how much squeegee pressure should be used.

Squeegee: 60-80 Single Durometer or 70/90/70 triple durometer. Typically heavy squeegee pressure is preferred.

Emulsion: Use WR-25 or any standard water based emulsion.

Cure Instructions: Minimum of 90 seconds at 160°C, Ideally for 2-3 minutes at 165-175 °C with high volume forced hot air is recommend during curing. Proper curing is extremely important overall colour and wash fastness.

Clean Up: General wash-up on ink that has not dried up can be done with water. EnviroSolv® should be used for an on-press cleaner and screen opener.

Storage: Store in original container. Keep tightly sealed. Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area.


  • Ready to use solution for any water based ink system
  • Pigment has been modified in its strength to allow for easier mixing of smaller quantities

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