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This product is a viscous degreaser/dehazer that is designed to remove most ink stains.

"The Pink Stuff" removes stains from the mesh and with far less smell than most hazardous stain removers.

"The Pink Stuff" leaves your fabric free of all contaminants and oils, which therefore reduce the incidence of pinholes.

How to use

Before using the product, remove all ink residue and emulsion from the screen.

Brush the product onto the ink side of a WET screen.

Agitate on both sides of the screen with a brush or pad then put to one side for approximately 1 to 10 minutes.

High pressure water rinse (spraying from the bottom to top) onto the print side of the screen, then reverse the screen and high pressure rinse also.

Use low pressure water and flood rinse the complete screen.

Allow screen to dry before coating.


  • Designed to work with most varieties of ink
  • Pleasant smell
  • More efficient than most hazardous stain removers.
  • Leaves mesh free of all contaminants and oils.
  • Reduces occurrence of pinholes.

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SDS / Technical Information

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