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The Ultimate Clean Up Card is a disposable and inexpensive clean up tool for screen printers.

How many times have you found yourself cleaning a scraper every time you need one? Not any longer with the Ultimate Clean Up Card! Spend more of your time printing and not cleaning!

The Clean Up card itself has been introduced to dramatically reduce the time and cost of the clean up process, it also has many other uses within the print shop.

With the Ultimate Clean Up Card you get...

  • Low Cost Product – costing only 0.05p each (your labour and supplies exceed the cost of the card).
  • Time Saved with the added ability of cleaning your screens and squeegees faster and more thoroughly
  • Strong Product – this product is strong enough to scoop high viscosity inks directly from buckets. It is also impregnated with polyethylene for chemical resistance.
  • Ink Saving – the card itself cleans more effectively which results in less ink being thrown in the bin as waste
  • Highly Resistant to solvent inks as well as water based products
  • The ability to use this product for other uses – they include folding the card diagonally to clean emulsion troughs and to apply stencil block out. All resulting in less waste!!

How to use

The Ultimate Clean Up Card is very easy to use!

Simply use the card as if you were using a scraper to remove the ink from the screen or squeegee. Once it has been removed using the card you may then return the removed ink back to its source or transfer to your waste bin. The Clean Up Card can then be reused on the same action or disposed of if the cleanup has been finished.

Don’t forget that its patent pending ‘Double Bump’ corner will clean scoop-coaters. To do so simply bend the card in half diagonally to give the card the necessary shape and its ‘Double Bump’.


  • Disposable ink cleaning tool for screen printers.
  • Strong enough to scoop thick ink directly from the bucket.
  • Costs 0.05p per card – extremely low cost tool.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Made from specially engineered cardboard impregnated with polyethylene for chemical resistance.
  • Highly Resistant to solvent inks as well as water based products.
  • Patent Pending ‘Double Bump’ corners cleans scoop coaters when the card is folded diagonally in half.
  • Ultimate crease on product to help you achieve the perfect diagonal fold.

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